Award for Academic Year 2009/2010 Announced

Award for “Academic Year 2009-2010 Announced
For academic year 2009 - 2010, based on the collected funds from the SANA Sindhi Community here in North America, we had funds that were only sufficient to award 60 scholarships.  But SANA Executive Committee members manage to contribute additional funds so that we can award the targeted number of 80.  We highly appreciate their valuable support as this year, first time ever, we will be meeting our targeted number.   

Due this valuable additional funding, we are proud to announce that this year SANA will award a record number of 80 scholarships. We are highly thankful to SANA community and SANA EC for their support to make this program successful.

The list of successful applicants is attached.  For obtaining scholarships, in a separate message on Sanalist we will announce specific instructions for the listed applicants.

The 80 scholarships will be awarded  in the following categories:

  1. Sixty-nine (69) scholarships for Undergraduate Studies in  Sciences. Each $250.00  
  2. Four (4) scholarships for Post-graduate  Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities.  Each $500.00  
  3. One (1) scholarship for Post-graduate Studies in  Sindhi Language, Sindhi Literature, Sindh History, etc.  $500.00      
  4. Four (4) scholarships of  $250.00 each for students of Nursing Colleges.  
  5. Two (2) scholarships of  $250.00 each for students of Pharmaceutical Colleges.
Friends, In the shape of awarding FAME Scholarships, the SANA Community in North America sincerely tries to make positive difference in the life of our Sindhi students who, in a very difficult situation including financial hardships, are struggling to obtain higher education.  Our contribution to ease their financial hardships may be considered small, but, it is our appreciation of their hard work that makes a big difference.

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