Dr. Feroz Ahmed – Brief Introduction

Dr. Feroz Ahmed – Brief Introduction
Dr. Feroz Ahmed was a professor in the School of Social Work at Howard University Washington D.C. He received his doctorate in demography from the John Hopkins University School of Public Health and did his post doctoral research at Harvard University's Center for population studies. Dr. Ahmed taught at several universities in the United States, Canada and Pakistan, and lectured worldwide during the last twenty years.

Dr. Ahmed is the author of twenty books and monographs. He has published over thirty scientific papers in peer review journals and nearly three hundred articles in daily papers and popular magazines. He was the founding editor of the critical magazine Pakistan Forum which was published in early 1970's, in Urdu, from Karachi, Pakistan. In addition, he was a regular contributor to Africans (Paris) and Viewpoint (Lahore). The broad range of subjects on which Dr. Ahmed has written include sociology, political economy, politics, demography and epidemiology. Dr. Feroz Ahmed Died in April 1997.

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