Scholarship for Academic Year 2012-2013 Annoucement

Award for Academic Year 2012-2013

SANA Dr. Feroz Ahmed Memorial Educational (FAME) Scholarships Program 

A Merit/Income Based Financial Assistance for Sindhi Students 

SANA simply helps them to achieve their dream 

For the award of SANA FAME Scholarships for the academic Year 2012-2013, Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) will award 54 scholarships to the deserving Sindhi undergraduate students who are obtaining education in universities or colleges in Pakistan.

The need+merit based scholarships will be awarded through following 6 programs:

Dr. Nabi Bux Baloach Scholarships for PhD students – 2 scholarships each $1000

Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Sukkur – 4 Scholarships each $500

Mehran Engineering University - 16 Scholarships each $250

Students of Medical Universities and Colleges – 16 Scholarships each $250

Students of Undergraduate Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities - 10 Scholarships $250.00 each.

Students of Nursing Colleges and Pharmaceutical Colleges – 6 Scholarships $250.00 each

The Programs Details

For the first program, that is Dr. Nabi Bux Baloach Scholarships for PhD students, SANA maintains separate budget for this program. Through efforts of Saeen Jami Chandio, a Selection Board, comprising of Professors from Sindh and Karachi Universities, is formed. Saeen Jami Chandio, is currently coordinating with SANA EC and FAME Scholarships Committee in finalizing this Scholarships program.

SANA FAME Scholarships Program with IBA Sukkur initiated last year and formally started beginning of this year with the award of 4 scholarships. As per the program, from 2015, one student will graduate from IBA Sukkur with full 4-year SANA FAME Scholarship.

SANA FAME Scholarship Program for Mehran University of Engineering and Technology was also initiated last year and formally started this year. As per this program, from 2015, four (4) students will graduate with full 4-year SANA FAME Scholarship.

For the programs 4, 5, and 6, applications will be invited for selecting and awarding scholarships. Separately covering each program, in this month of September, the Scholarship Committee will make announcement on Sanalist and in Sindh through Mehran TV and Sindhi newspaper. The announcement will cover complete details for inviting applications.

As usual, we will keep you informed.

The committee for SANA FAME Scholarships Program is committed to conduct this process in completely unbiased and the best possible way.

Friends, In the shape of awarding SANA FAME Scholarships, the SANA Community in North America sincerely tries to make positive difference in the life of our Sindhi students who, in a very difficult situation including financial hardships, are struggling to obtain education.  Our contribution to ease their financial hardships may be considered small, but, it is our appreciation of their hard work that makes a big difference.  

With best regards,

SANA FAME Scholarships Program Committee 

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