Fund Raising Event - Houston, TX August - 21st 2011

Sunday evening, August 21, there was a fund raising event organized by local Sindhi Community friends for the recent flooding in District Badin and surroundings. It was initiated by Saiin Mumtaz Chang and further organized by Sohail Soomro, team of Sindhi Radio Show, MEHRAN RANG, Ada Ajaz Almani and Dr. Issa Bhurgry, Karim Shaikh and many other friends. On short notice, little over $8000.00 was instantly collected. These funds will be sent to some responsible friends in Dist. Badin to distribute Rs. 5000.00 per family before Eid ul Fitr. The idea is to assist few poor Sindhis to celebrate Eid Day with their families. "NO ACT OF KINDNESS, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, IS EVER WASTED." Jamil Daudi

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