Constitution & Bye Laws

I. Preface

The Constitution and its bye laws are intended to regulate the activities of the Association. It defines clearly the specific purpose of the Association, duties and responsibilities of its members and office holders.

1. The name of this secular, nonprofit association shall be SINDHI ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA.

2. For legal purposes, the association may be registered as per the law of the land. However, for general communications it will be referred to as SANA.

3. Membership eligibility criteria: Anyone who;

a) has roots in SINDH, or has roots in an area where Sindhi or its dialect is spoken, or speaks Sindhi or one of its dialects.

b) Supports the preservation and growth of The Sindhi civilization, culture and language.

c) Supports the legitimate rights and aspirations of the Sindhi people.

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Membership information

Becoming member of SANA and paying membership fee is easy and would take few minutes, here is what is needed. Use register link or paste following address is your browser:

  1. fill the recaptcha image information first. this is done to stop bots from misusing our website registration.
  2. fill the rest of form, the columns marked with yellow circles with exclaimation sign are REQUIRED and invalid information will stop you from registering, once you complete the form, click on register button.
  3. the after the forms gets submitted successfully you will get the confirmation email.
  4. please confirm your account after reading your email, if you can not find the confirmation email from then search for it in junk folder of your email program, some filtering may have put the email in junk folder.
  5. once you confirmed your account , login into website using box provide on right hand site of main page, providing valid email/password

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Chairman SANA Election Commission 2010, Mr. Badar Shaikh announced the election results

All candidates for SANA Executive Council have been declared to be unopposed. Accordingly, following Candidates are declared to be SANA Executive Council (EC) members for the years 2011-2012:

Name                                EC Position

1:Dr. Valeed Shaikh             President

2:Dr. Shabbir Shaikh            Vice President

3:Ms. Noor-u-Nissa Ghanghro V P Women

4:Dr. Maqbool Halepota         General Secretary

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Sindh Rights Committee

To accomplish SANA Objectives as outline in clause (2), (3), and (5) Section II of SANA Constitution. Iqbal Tareen will be the Chairman of this committee.

SANA Executive Council recently announced formation of various committees. I have been honored with the responsibility of chairing "Sindh Rights Committee". SRC will strive to work under the spirit of following objectives as outlined in the SANA Constitution:

Sindh Rights Committee is "to endeavor for, and defend the historic national rights, including human rights, and rights of self determination of Sindhi people within their existing national territory".

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Education Committee

This committee will coordinate with various educational institutions in Sindh to facilitate student’s admissions to Universities in North America.


Asim Riaz Kaghazi

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Responsibilities for the members of Education committee:

To apprise Sindhi youth of the importance of modern education in the process of national and self-development. 

To provide information about the latest developments in science and technology, education and job opportunities, in the USA. 

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Community Relations Committee

Dr Badar Shaikh, a Senior Member of SANA in Washington DC area has accepted to Chair SANA Community Relations Committee. Some of the objectives of the SANA Community Relations Committee are:To introduce new families/ individuals migrating to various Areas of USA and Canada. Familiarizing and guiding them to settle down. 

  • To introduce Sindhi Families to each other with young adults potential matrimonial.
  • Help create friendships among our children. 
  • Keeping track of various happenings, e.g., births, wedding, graduations, etc., and reporting to SANGAT and SANA Line. 

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