SANA Celeberates International Women's Day

Executive Committee of Sindhi Association of North America Invites You to join Us to celebrate International Women's Day at following places:
Washington DC 
Date and Time: March 08th, 2014, 06:30 PM
Location: Aabshaar Restaurant Springfield VA.
Date and Time: March 9th 2014, 6:00 PM
Location: BBQ Tonite Restaurant 14617, Beechnut St. Houston TX.
Date and Time:  March 08th, 2014, 3:00 PM        
Location:715 Don Mlls Road North York, Toronto.
"Equality for Women is Progress for All"
If you cannot attend then please send email to SANAList, tweet or update Facebook status and be part of this celebration! Show your appreciation and love towards women and discuss women's economic, political, and social achievements.
VP Of SANA Women's Affairs

Sindhi shaam, Philadelphia, PA - May 12th 2001

On nignt of May 12th first SANA Sindhi Shaam ever in Philadelphia region was a hit. Believe it or not the Hall was full of our Sindhi brothers and sisters and of course children were running around. Approximately 140 people attended the gathering out of them 20 were children. Hall capacity was 160. We had wonderful program which includes speeches by regional secretary, vice president, Joint Secretary, local Philadelphia chapter president ada Mazhar Memon. Plus children talent show, sindhi quiz heavily participated by children. Awards and gifts were given out to children which were donated by ada Roshan Shaikh and myself (Sajjad Siddiqui).

Music started at 930 PM which we are very very thankful to Ada Ustad Mazhar Hussain. He was great. Wow what a singer he is. Most of Sindhi brothers started dancing on the flour on famous Sindhi songs. Thanks to Ada Mazhar Hussain and we are proud of him.

Former founders Ada Khalid Hashmani, DC and Ada Badar Shaikh, NY were among the guests. People came from NewYork, NewJersey, DC, Virginia and Maryland. Three other individuals contributed to the function: Adi Kamar Siddiqui also sang a couple of melodies which were very well received and appreciated; Dr. Roshan Shaikh provided orientation on Sindh and philanthropic work for Sindh; and Adi Naseem Memon conducted talent show.

Well gathering was over by famous Sindhi song "Ho Jamalo" by midnight. Ada Badar Shaikh and Ada Mazhar Memon, Roshan Shaikh, Zahid Shaikh, Sohail Ansari and plus were among the good dancers on "Ho Jamalo".

From Ladies great contribution to the program was from Adi Saeeda Abro, Adi Khursheed Shaikh, Adi Mrs Zia Memon, Adi Naseem Memon, Adi Amina Mufti and of course my lovely wife Dr. Shehla Siddiqui.

Thanks to Ada Badar Shaikh, Ada Zia Memon, Ada Mazhar Memon, Ada Zia Mufti who made this program possible. Thanks to all our adiyoon for great contribution to the program. Without all of you we may have not done it.

Biggest family group was from Ada Falak Sher and Ada Kosher 12 members of their family were in the gathering. Thank you for participating in the program.

Thanks to all of you.
Sajjad Siddiqui.
Joint Secretary

Washington DC get together - 30th March 2002

Dear SANA Members,
What a wonderful day (30th March 2002) was in Washington DC area at Tabeer Restaurant.

It was gathering of 100 people.  Food was very very delicious.

Event started at 7:30pm with introduction by Washington DC local chapter President Mrs Fauzia Siddiqui.  She welcomed the gathering and called upon our regional secretary Dr. Badar Shaikh.  Who exchanged the views of having these gahtherings Ada Badar being a regional secretary did a marvelous job as always in organizing this 3rd event in east coast.

Ada Badar then called upon Vice President Sana Mr. Zia Memon and Joint Secretary Sajjad Siddiqui to address and update the gathering about Sana activities.

Ada Khalid Hashmani wonderfully explained a meaning of Sindhiyaat.  What it really means.  Very good explanaion ada.

Ada Dr. Aftab Kazi told us some verses of his poetry.  He is a good poet also.

Kids participated in talent show and got the gifts. There were sixteen prizes for the kids.  Four prizes were also given out to the adults thru rifle tickets.

At the end wonderful music was played by "Ustaad Mazhar Hussain"  I should call him now "Babae Sur Sangeet DC".  He performed very well.  Most of the time people were dancing on his songs.  Specially at the end.  Event was over by Midnight.

My special thanks and congratulations goes to local chapter executives Adi Fauzia Siddiqui, Naresh Ahuja (Vice President), Fauwad Qadiri (General Secretary) of getting job well done.

Behind the scene among them who also did organize this wonderful gathering were Ada Sarfraz Memon, Ada Jabbar Siddiqui, Ada Zahid Shaikh and Ex- President local chapter and many others.   My thanks to them for having us there and arranging such a nice gathering.

Special thanks to ada Badar Shaikh for organizing once again third and very good gathering in east coast.

People who attended the gathering came from DC, NY, Upper State NY, NJ, MD, VA and PA.

Folks mark your calendars for 1st June for a picnic in Edison area.  Pavilion is already booked. Details will come soon from Edison organizers Ada Falak Sher, Ada Kohsher and Adi Saeeda Abro.

Ustaad Mazhar Hussain did introduce his colleage Ada Asif Talpur.  Believe me he was also a very good keyboard player.  He started the mehfil by playing "Payrain Pover dee saain" song on the keyboard. Wow what a keyboard player he was.

Behind the scene organizer the previous local chapter President who's name I forgot was Ada Shahid Talpur.  Good job ada.

WSI Executive council members Ada Munawar Laghari, Ada Zahid Makhdoom, Ada Suhail Ansari & Ada Maqbool Aliani, also attended the gathering.  Thanks to them for attending the gathering.

Sajjad Siddiqui.
Joint Secretary
Sindhi Association of North America

Picnic in Houston - November 30th 2003

SANA Houston Chapter Picnic and Eid Celebrations
On Sunday 30th. November 2003 SANA Houston Chapter arranged a picnic at the local Bush Garden. The Pavilion 1 surrounding the green flowery lawn and various rides for the kids was the spot reserved at the garden. A large gathering of Sindhi families participated and enjoyed the mild cold sunny Houston weather. Prior to the lunch, groups of ladies and men had fun and participated in Kuchahries. It was potluck and the food was prepared with large variety of dishes. The food was tasty and more enjoyable with Sindhi music in the background. After lunch Zafar Agha and Jamil Doudi thanked every body for making the gathering a very pleasant occasion. Jamil Doudi also provided details about SANA 2004 Conventions details and requested every Sindhi in Houston to take part in making the convention a real success and memorable. After that brief speeches Adi Fouzi Doudi and Ghulam Mohiuddin sang Sindhi songs and entertained every body.

Picnic and get together, Torrance California - December 30th 2001

On the call of SANA West Coast Regional Secretary, Ashraf Memon, Sindhis residing in Greater Los Angeles area got together on December 30th 2001 at El Retiro Park, Torrance California. It, certainly, was a great party. Around one hundred people attended the one dish party. Many came to attend from far away localities. We had, Mr. & Mrs. Basheer Kazi from Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. & Mrs. Anwar Jatoi and Dr. & Mrs. Masood Shaikh from Yuma, Arizona, Tofeeq Shah from San Diego was there, and so was Mr. & Mrs. Mansoor Shah from the same city. Mr. & Mrs. Rafi Panhwar came from Palm Springs to join the fun. We also had the privilege to have company of Mr. & Mrs. Rehman Shaikh of Canada who were visiting Los Angeles. Besides local participants, Mr. & Mrs. Umed Laghari, Senior Vice Chairman WSC and recently arrived from Saudi Arabia, Adi Khursheed Mahar with her daughters gave us the pleasure of their company.

A chili rain damped the weather but not the spirits. Everyone brought the delicious dishes and we had the taste of all. Lots of prizes were given away through the ruffle tickets. A TV set, DVD, Microwave Oven, Telephones and time clocks were among the many.

Erstwhile Regional Secretary Mr. Manzoor Shah, recently arrived from Pakistan, filled us with the ever-depressing news from the old county. Specially, news about the clouds of war hanging over Indo-Pak subcontinent.

Photos can be seen on the below. We are thankful to all who came and honored us with their presence. And to those who made this gathering a memorable event.

Picnic and get together, Philadelphia, PA, Summer 2001

SANA Philadelphia Chapter was the most active chapter during the last quarter. They held two gatherings; both attended by a large number of people. The gatherings were well planned and well organized.

One of the meetings was attended by about 140 people. It was named a "Sindhi Shaam". About 65 people attended the other one.

Mr. Sajjad Siddiqui, Joint Secretary, SANA reported the weather was cloudy, about 80-degree temperature. It was one of the best days to have fun. People came from Philadelphia, suburbs, NJ & New York. Picnic Started at 11am.
The families who actively participated, included Zia Memon Vice President Sana & Yasmeen Memon (who came all the way from New York), Saeeda Abro & Dr. Ali Abro NJ, Koh Sher & family NJ, Falak Sher & family NJ, Kamran Hamirani & family NJ, Jamil Qazi & family NJ, Maqbool Patoli & family NJ, Naveed Soomro & family NJ, Nadeem Junejo & family NJ, Salahuddin Abbassi family PA, Nazir Memon family PA, Wazir Memon family PA, Pervaiz Mufti family PA, Mr. Nooruddin Sarki & family PA, Ahmer Memon & family PA, Mazhar Memon & family PA, and Zia Mufti & family PA.

Each and every kid enjoyed the picnic. Picnic that ended at 8pm

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