Annual Convention 2013

July 3rd, 2013:
People started arriving from various parts of world to attend the annual conventions and LOC was upto the task, they actually sent people to receive people from sindh with home made meals for our guests.
A few people caught up with each other and had usual kachehri, some people visited city of Burlingame and San Francisco. Hotel Hyatt Regency was a good choice with excellent services including frequent shuttle service to and from airport.


July 4, 2013:
LOC opened the registration desk in the afternoon, tea/coffee stalls started providing complimentary hot drinks.
Most of the people arrived by evening, there was large area dedicated to our event, where people who grouped and chatted, ladies kids made new friends and met with old ones.
Ladies arranged a ladies only event, which I did not get a privilege to attend because of obvious reasons. I would request one of ladies who attended to get us some glimpses of the subject event. few photos are available to at Saeen Ayaz Gul's website at the event went on until 11PM.
Dinner was served by LOC, all expenses borne with LOC and local sindhis, we thank them for the kind gesture.
LOC/EC met and discussed issues related to event that went on until 1:30AM.

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