Annual Convention 2012 - Women's Session

In Women Session we encourage all North American women to participate our Cultural, Social & Educational activities. This year 29th Sana Convention held in San Francisco. We arrange two Women Session one is Cultural & Social Other one is Educational.

Ladies Cultural session: 

Ladies cultural program arranged by LOC ladies & Chief Guest was Sain-e Noorulhuda Shah. The session was moderated by Nusrat Qureshi & Rehana Talpur. Sain-e Bilqees Ansari Opened the Session to welcome Chief Guest & all women.

Gia, Mariam& Aksar present a Sindhi Folk Dance on Sindhi Song (Alay mohnja morohra).

Sindhi Poetry was open for all women we all enjoyed to listen & share great Sindhi poetry, 

Farah, Saba Zainab, Amina, Basma present a dance on sindhi song “Lado” & Umer Marvi tablo present by farha memon, saba memon, zanib memon. Rehana Talpur entertains us with Sindhi Jokes. Sindhi dress competition presented by LOC girls.For the prize distribution we requested to our Chief Guest Sain-e Noorulhuda Shah.

At the end of the session Nusrat Qureshi & rehana talpur said thanks to our chief Guest & all women.

Education Session: 

A joint presentation by me and Saghir Shaikh titled “Step UP Ideas for Education and career Development” discussed about women who lives in North American but would like to get into job market. We discussed about education and career options available.

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Shahida Soomro 

Vice President Sana Women Affair

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