Annual Convention 2004


The 20th annual convention of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) successfully took place from July 2 to July 5 in Houston, Texas. The venue of the convention was the Westin Galleria hotel , located in the Galleria Shopping Center located in uptown Houston. The three-day convention was packed with a variety of sessions and activities bringing Sindhiat (love for Sindh) to each and every attendee. The organizers had done a wonderful job to ensure every one's comfort and smooth flow of events.
The local organizing committee consisted of Jamil Daudi (chairperson), Zafar and Adi Zeb Agha, Bashir Shaikh, Waheed Patoli, Aamir Memon, Mazhar Memon, Ghulam Mohiuddin Memon, Talat and Adi Nicki Talpur, Sohail Soomro, Altaf Soomro, Tashfeen and Adi Samar Brohi, Majid Laghari, Taj Nizamani, Shafiq Nizamani, Salman Nizamani, Saeed Chang and Faisal Lashari. They did a wonderful job ensuring every one's comfort and offering an unforgettable hospitality of Sindh and Texas. Indeed it a one of the most memorable Sindhi event that will be remembered by all who attended.

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Annual Convention 2003

SANA Convention: The miracle that happens once a year!

Finally the day was here. The 19th Annual Convention! The day that some of us hold so close to our hearts. The day that has a permanent place in our thoughts. We almost always look forward to it - and whatever comes with it - with so many expectations – some practical, some not so practical!

This time it was sunny (or was it Sani’s?) California. And the ‘City of Angeles’ was the host. It was noticed this year that people started arriving three to four days ahead of 4th July, the day the Convention was scheduled to officially open. This showed the interest the people had in the event and also how it has become part of their calendar. It was also noted that many people stayed in the city 2 - 3 days after the Convention. Goes without saying that these conventions provide an opportunity to North American Sindhis to combine family vacations with the annual gala.

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Annual Convention 2002


CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY, JULY 4-7, 2002: The town of Cherry Hill and its favorite Hilton Hotel suddenly became cheerful with the arrival of hundreds of Sindhis. The aroma of Sindhiat was every where and Sindhi language appeared to have become the main language of the Hilton hotel and nearby restaurants. The organizers had done such a great job that the 18th SANA Annual Convention will be remembered as one of the great convention.

The three-day conference started on Thursday, July 4 and ended on Sunday, July 8, 2002. Was attended by more than 325 guests coming from many states of USA, Canada, and other countries. The keynote speakers and presenters included Dr. A. N. G Abbasi (former Irrigation Minister of Sindh), Dr. Hafeez Shaikh (current Finance Minister of Sindh), Dr. Louis Flam (an American anthropologist of Indus Civilization), and other intellectuals, academicians, specialists, writers and scientists.

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Annual Convention 2001


The 7th Annual SANA convention, held in Chicago, Illinois, from July 5 to July 8, 20001, was a grand success. More than 350 persons of all ages joined this event of fun, music, songs, speeches, and some serious discussions. The local organizing committee consisting of Dr. Rafat Ansari, Dr. Ajaz Turk, and Dr. Ashfaq Turk had taken care of each small detail to ensure that every one had a wonderful time. The Sheraton Gateway Suites Hotel in Chicago had great rooms (actually suits) at a very reasonable rate, a beautiful dinning are, and excellent conference facilities. Indeed, this convention will go as one of the most memorable events in SANA’s history.

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