Annual Convention 1988

SANA Convention (June 25-26, 1988 - New York)
The fourth annual General Body meeting was held in New York on the weekend of June 25-26, 1988. The coordinator of the meeting was Badar Shaikh with support from Sarfraz Abbasi, and others. In addition to the annual meeting of members, an Adabi Mehfil moderated by Dr. Aijaz Turk, a musical program, and a picnic was organized in conjunction with the conference. Several delegates from Sindh (Pakistan), UK, and India also attended the conferences. The key decisions made the meeting included authorizing Dr. Aijaz Turk to pursue discussion of the Sindhi Language project with officials of Sindh University and the Institute of Sindhology. SANA provided an initial grant of $ 500 to Dr. Aftab Kazi to start a quality publication called “The Sindh Journal of Asian and African Affairs”. SANA also provided a donation of $ 500 to Mr. Aijaz Sindhi to start a Sindh magazine “SANEH” from New York. The meeting approved a moderate increase in SANA membership fees; and Dr. Aijaz Turk announced the formation of a SANA Medical Chapter.

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Annual Convention 1987

SANA Convention (July 3-5, 1987, Pittsburgh, PA)
The third annual General Body meeting of SANA was held in Pittsburgh on the weekend of July 4, 1987. The coordinator of the meeting was Shankar Lakhvani. In addition to keynote presentation by Dr. Aftab Kazi, Gope Chandar and his family made it a memorable musical evening with delightful Sindhi songs and dances. An impressive amount of $ 2,300 was pledged in donations at this meeting with the highest amount ($ 500) pledged by Mr. Saleem Ursani. The meeting congratulated the new Executive Council which was elected in December 1986 elections. The elected EC members were Khalid Hashmani (President), Naranjan Dudani (Vice President), Javaid Laghari (General Secretary), Nadeem Qamar (Information Secretary), and Israr Ansari (Treasurer and Joint Secretary). The 1986 Financial report presented at the meeting showed total revenue of $ 2,119.44 and Expenses of $ 1,364.42 with overall cumulative surplus of $ 1,871.86.

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Annual Convention 1986

SANA Convention (July 4-5, 1986 - Niagara Falls)

The Second General Body meeting was held in the Niagara Falls/Buffalo area on July 4 and 5, 1986. The keynote speaker at this meeting was Dr. Feroz Ahmed, who spoke on how North American Sindhis can help their brothers and sisters back home. The key take-away from his presentation titled “Light the Torch” was that only Sindhis who live in Sindh can regain the ground they have lost, overseas Sindhis can only help them in these efforts.

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1985 - Glimpses from the past

Sources: SANGAT Issues: November 1985 and March 1986

1. Preliminary logo of SANA with map of Sindh in a circle signifying the planet of Earth with words "Saeen Sadaeen Kareen Sindh Mathe Sular" was used on SANA newsletters and communications. This logo was later replaced by a
well-designed logo that used even today in early 1986.

2. The SANA Membership Fees were set at:
-- Regular Individual Membership: ---- US $ 15
-- Regular Family Membership: ------- US $ 20
-- Student Individual Membership: ---- US $ 7.50
-- Student Family Membership: -------- US $ 10.00
-- Associate Membership: ------------- US $ 15

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