Annual Convention 2008

24th Annual SANA Convention: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX July 3-6, 2008: A brief report
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX was the venue for the 24th annual SANA convention.
It was for the first time that the DFW metropolitan area hosted a SANA convention. Our community leaders from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area had presented a proposal to the SANA EC in Orlando, FL last year to hold 24th annual convention in their city. While they were making their case, a number of youngsters from the area present there promised that if SANA convention was held in their area, they will be involved in the effort to make it a great convention.
We are glad that we believed in them. SANA EC considered their and some other proposals and finally decided to hold 24th annual convention in the vibrant twin Texas cities.

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Annual Convention 2007

SANA Convention: A Brief Report
I hope Khalid Hashmani and Dr Rahman Soomro would write detailed reports on the just concluded 23rd Annual SANA Convention. These are just a few glimpses of the greatest Sindhi event in North America:
Arrival of participants:
Some of the guests had started arriving in Orlando, FL, the venue of the meet, as early as 27th June. Several arrived on 28th while the most of the participants arrived on 29th. The members of EC, the Convention Organizing Committee and available AC members continued meetings and consultations on the 28th and 29th June on the preparations for the convention.
Several of the matters were discussed and meetings were held with the hotel management to sort out a few things. Sound system engineer visited the hotel on 29th and discussed requirements with us. We set up a registration desk in the evening of 29th and made arrangements for some invited guests pick up from the airport.

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Annual Convention 2006


Sindhi Association of North America, during its 22nd Annual Convention, held in Toronto, Canada, on June 30 - July 3, 2006, presents, before the General Body, the following resolutions for passage:

    Release Dr Safdar Sarki, other political workers

The General Body (GB) of SANA while condemning the unconstitutional and dictatorial misdeeds of the autocratic and undemocratic regime ruling Pakistan today demands an immediate release of the political worker and a rights activist Dr. Safdar Sarki. The GB of SANA also demands that all other political workers picked by the dreaded government agencies be released forthwith.

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Annual Convention 2005


Washington DC, July 2 and 3, 2005 -- The 21st Convention of the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) was held over the July 4th holiday weekend at the Double Tree hotel in the Tysons Corner area of Washington DC.
The convention was attended by hundreds of delegates, arriving from almost states of the USA, Canada, Europe, Sindh, and Pakistan. In addition four Sindhi teachers undergoing the skills development training at the local George Mason University attended various sessions to meet their fellow North American Sindhis. The key highlight of the convention was the heart throbbing speech by Mian Rasool Bux Palejo, who energized participants with his call to support the struggle of Sindhis to end their oppression and domination. Other important sessions of the conference included General Body Meeting of SANA members, Literary session, Business workshop, Medical
Seminar, Women's session, Children's program, Youth Program, and two grand evenings of Sindh poetry, songs and music. I am sharing my observations and notes of the sessions that I personally attended and notes of other friends that were posted. I hope that others, who have more details, particularly on those sessions that I did not attend, will add those details to complete the record of the 21st SANA Convention.

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