Education Committee

This committee will coordinate with various educational institutions in Sindh to facilitate student’s admissions to Universities in North America.


Asim Riaz Kaghazi

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Responsibilities for the members of Education committee:

To apprise Sindhi youth of the importance of modern education in the process of national and self-development. 

To provide information about the latest developments in science and technology, education and job opportunities, in the USA. 


To exchange ideas with Sindhi teachers, leaders and students about improving educational standards and consequently lobbying for the cause.

The aims and objectives of committee as discussed and consented by members.

Coordinate with educational institutions on various issues and explore ways and means to help them. 

Work on tools that can help student community in Sindh in learning i.e dictionaries, encyclopedia, new letters etc. 

Provide students in Sindh with information relating to educational institutions of developed world.

Promote use of Sindhi on internet i.e., deploying web pages in Sindhi as well as work on Sindhi email tools. 

Help people living outside Sindh to learn Sindhi.

Committee Discussions

August 17, 2002

We [the Education Committee] met on August 17, 2002.

An hour and half was spend discussing issues ranging from scope of committee to ground rules to actual project that we need to undertake. During the course of meeting members came up with very important suggestions, some of them require further information so that decision can be made in coming meeting.

There were two decision made by the committee:

Publishing of a Education Newsletter: This newsletter will include information regarding educational institutions in Developed world, a FAQ and sources / methods to be used for further information.

Share the knowledge program: People from North America going back to Sindh for vacation or for some other purpose would be requested to spend some time in their respective educational institution [from where they have got education] or any other institution for Seminar / Lecture /Presentation, and share their expertise with students and teaching faculty.

The education committee will try its level best to coordinate the effort.

Using this opportunity, I will request the member on the list to send me following ASAP:

Material that can be included in the Educational Newsletter,

People who have plans to visit Sindh in coming months and who wish the join the "Share the knowledge program" to contact me.

I thank the members of the committee who came up with brilliant ideas including above mentioned two.


If we start even with small steps, we can go a long way, together. So let’s start.

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