Community Relations Committee

Dr Badar Shaikh, a Senior Member of SANA in Washington DC area has accepted to Chair SANA Community Relations Committee. Some of the objectives of the SANA Community Relations Committee are:To introduce new families/ individuals migrating to various Areas of USA and Canada. Familiarizing and guiding them to settle down. 

  • To introduce Sindhi Families to each other with young adults potential matrimonial.
  • Help create friendships among our children. 
  • Keeping track of various happenings, e.g., births, wedding, graduations, etc., and reporting to SANGAT and SANA Line. 
  • Recognizing Sindhi's for their Outstanding accomplishments in their area of Expertise and Community Service during SANA Conventions. SANA has urged the community to co-operate fully with Dr Badar Shaikh so these aims and objectives can be achieved. He can be reached at: 
    Phone: 301-827 8171 301-827 8171 
    Fax: 301-827-8170 
    Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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