Membership Information

The association shall consists of:

  1. Regular Members with individual and family sub categories
  2. Life members (individual or husband and wife)
  3. Student Members with individual and family sub categories.
  4. Associate Members
  5. Honorary Members

Regular Members

  1. All Sindhis residing anywhere in North America by payment of the annual fee can become regular members of the association.
  2. Regular Members shall have the right to vote, nominate candidates and be eligible to hold any office of the association.
  3. Membership in this category will be valid for 12 months.

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Community Relations Committee

Dr Badar Shaikh, a Senior Member of SANA in Washington DC area has accepted to Chair SANA Community Relations Committee. Some of the objectives of the SANA Community Relations Committee are:To introduce new families/ individuals migrating to various Areas of USA and Canada. Familiarizing and guiding them to settle down. 

  • To introduce Sindhi Families to each other with young adults potential matrimonial.
  • Help create friendships among our children. 
  • Keeping track of various happenings, e.g., births, wedding, graduations, etc., and reporting to SANGAT and SANA Line. 

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About Us

SANA is a non-profit organization the objectives of which are to unite Sindhis in North America and everywhere; to defend the historic national rights of Sindhi people; to foster friendship and understanding between Sindhis and other nationalities; to educate people about Sindhi Civilization, philosophy, values, language, literature, history and heritage; to harness and bring under one umbrella of SANA, the potential energy, resources, and knowledge in Sindhis living in North America. In light of the above objectives, SANALIST is created for the Sindhi community in North America to discuss and analyze the Sindh situation, to form a bond between Sindhis in North America and to enrich from the information flow.

Sindhi Language Committee

My dear fellow Sindhis,

Our Sindhi language is a very old one unfortunately due to frequent attacks from outside and hostile attitude of rulers it did not develop and make much progress. It is due to Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai that it survived and is known in the world. We should be thankful to Britishers also who recognized its importance and got prepared a new arabic script for it. It is during British period that so many selected and important books were got translated in Sindhi. Besides that Shah-jo-risalo was compiled and printed in Germany in 1866 by Earnest Trumpp and with that sanction and at the expense of the Government of India. In his preface written to the first edition of Dr. Trumpp states (We humbly trust that by the publication of this volume a firm base may be gained for the study of a language, which though not widely spread, is in many points superior to any other modern language of India and well deserving the notice of the Linguist). 

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Head Office

12881 Knott Street Suite 219
Garden Grove CA 92841-3925
Tel:     (714) 373-3700
Fax:     (714) 373-3702

Education Committee

This committee will coordinate with various educational institutions in Sindh to facilitate student’s admissions to Universities in North America.


Asim Riaz Kaghazi

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Responsibilities for the members of Education committee:

To apprise Sindhi youth of the importance of modern education in the process of national and self-development. 

To provide information about the latest developments in science and technology, education and job opportunities, in the USA. 

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