SANA shocked at All Saint's Church attack

Sindhi association of North America (SANA) is shocked and enraged to hear of the barbaric suicide attack on All Saints Church, a historic Christian worship place in Peshawar. The heinous crime has been reported to have claimed at least 75 innocent lives of peaceful Christian worshipers, leaving another 100 wounded. SANA understands that the attack is a logical culmination of the policy of appeasement of terrorists adopted by the successive governments of Pakistan and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa for the last several years. It is also a grim reminder of reality to the politicians of Pakistan, who recently resolved to make peace with terrorists, that the beast of terror cannot be tamed with talks.

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SANA deplores threats to the integrity of Sindh

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) being largest and democratic organization of Sindhi Diaspora has strongly condemned the threats to the integrity of Sindh by MQM chiefAltaf Hussain. SANA termed the threats by MQM chief as very dangerous and divisive and warned that such biased, parochial and antagonistic politics may result in bloodshed in Sindh. Sindh is a historic entity and the people will never allow it to be partitioned or divided.

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Older Press Releases

Los Angeles, California,  February 14th 2004
Sindhi Association of North America, SANA, has expressed solidarity with the people’s struggle in Sindh against the Greater Thal Canal and other mega water projects including the proposed Kalabagh Dam. Mr. Sani Panhwar, president SANA, said in a statement issued here today that the present government’s water policies are creating disharmony in the country. He urged that the government should immediately stop these dangerous and most divisive projects and should instead build a consensus on alternate projects.

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Press Conference July 3, 2005

Washington DC,  July 3, 2005
SANA President, Mr. Aziz Narejo addressed a press conference on the occasion of the 21st Annual SANA Convention on 3rd July in Washington, DC. Here is the text of the press statement. Later journalists asked some questions, which were appropriately answered:
Dear friends and colleagues,
We have presented to you the resolutions adopted at the General Body Session. I won't repeat them here. I would like to emphasize only a few points. But before that, I would like to talk a little about (SANA) Sindhi Association of North America.

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