Annual Convention 1994

SANA Annual Convention (College Park, Maryland) Proceedings 1994
It was a great pleasure to attend Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) 10th annual convention on July 1, 1993 to July 3, 1993 at College Park, Maryland. I want to share those feelings and emotions about this convention, it is my personal point of view, nothing concern to SANA itself. Little bit about history ... On this July weekend of every year, SANA members get together at one place to share their gratifications, accomplishments, and to focus on the challenges ahead back home in Sindh as well as here in North American's Sindhi settlers. Since last nine annual conventions have been the best source of inspiration, solidarity and determination to help the motherland Sindh, in every way SANA can. Every year by SANA convention, there is kindle the craving to help the deprived and needy fellow Sindhis. There is not a single organization, whose members are in a perfect agreement on all the issues. the goals of SANA are clearly comprehend and executed by each of us with utmost honesty. From its First annual SANA convention, which was a mere gathering of a few concerned Sindhis, SANA as organization, has stood united and experienced a tremendous rate of growth and success in its short 10 year. This is because of team work that is combined by mutual respect, admiration, compassion, consideration and generosity for each other. The success story of SANA is deep rooted in the sincerity of members effort.

I was impressed by convention organizer's, they did the wonderful job, all deserve the credit and they were: - Mr. Abdul Karim Memon - Mr. Sajid Akhund - Mr. Sarfraz Memon - Dr. Feroze Ahmed - Dr. Badaruddin Shaikh - Mrs. Tanzeem Abbasi - Mrs. Khurshid Shaikh - Mrs. Ishrat Memon - Mr. Zahid Shaikh

DAY TWO (Saturday, July 2, 1994)
North American technical & Educational Committee For Sindh (NATECS) was the second time conference introduce in this convention: Introduction: Introduction to NATECS, NATECS Science & Technology Conference by Roshan Shaikh, also was moderator for rest of this program. - "Navigation Tools for Information Age" by Syed Ali Ather Shah, polytechnic University, NY - "Virtual Reality & it's Applications" by Zubair Shaikh, Polytechnic University, NY - "Prevention of Maternal Deaths in Pakistan" by Dr. Munir Abro, Univ of Texas, Houston - "A Brief Outlook on the Geological Conditions in Pakistan" by Nasir Pathan, Mehran Univ of Engg & Tech., Pakistan, presentation by Sohail Ansari. - Technical video: "The Thinking Machine - The Machine that changed the World" Conclusion: of NATECS conference by Roshan Shaikh Overall NATECS conference was informative and interesting. Some speakers suggested that we should emphasize more on practicle work to prosper our own people as well as country. They said, it is good start to move in like NATECS conferences, which will give more insight. Then there was Annual Picnic at Holly Picnic Area, Greenbelt Park from noon to 4:00, lunch box was provide at the picnic. Every one was busy in fun at their own pace, specially kids. Then there was Panel Discussion (around 5:30pm to 8:00pm): Moderator -- Dr. Badaruddin Shaikh "Sind & Sate of Pakistan" -- Mr. Anwar Shaikh "The internal Structure of Sindh Society" -- Dr. Saifullah Nizamani "Ethnic problems in Sindh" -- Dr. Aziz Talbani "The Status of sindhi Woman" -- Mrs. Mumtaz Tunio Conclusion: Over all summary was, to get more education, get more awareness, give chance to girls/women to have education, give respect to our life partners, don't destroy the precious gens by marrying cousins or close relatives. ...etc...

There were lot of good suggestions from every participant even panel members. After Dinner break, there was Tableau Fancy Dress Show, Music program by Local Talents. - Opening dance by sons of Ghulam Mohammed - Dance by lady from St. Louis - Recitation of poetry Altaf Memon's son - Group dances on "Alea Munjha Maroo Raa" - Wedding ceremony by Adnan and Adela - "Hoo Ju Maloo" Then there was Sindhi Adabi Sangat, Chairperson -- Mrs. Saeeda Abro "The background of sindhi Adabi Sangat in Sindh" -- Mr. Iqbal Tareen "Trend in Contemporary Sindhi Literature" -- Mr. Ishaue Tunio Poetry Reading (Original) -- Dr. Naranjan Dudani, Dr. Altaf Memon and Mr. Ishaq Tunio All were good, and specially Mr. Dudani did a wonderful poetry

DAY THREE (Sunday July 3, 1994)
There was 10th Genral Body meeting Introduction of all general body members were skipped, because of time constrain, most members suggest that we should devote time to open discussion of EC decisions and Resolutions. Conclusion: I like it, it was some time seems to be battle ground to win something, that's good to get more juicy result. After lunch break, there was session of Project Reports and Invited speakers forum (around 2:45pm - 6:45pm) Chairperson -- Dr. A.W. Bhatti Moderator -- Dr. M.A. Qalbani EDUCATION PROJECTS FOR SINDH -- Dr. Nazir Moughal SAMNA -- Dr. Nazir Moughal SIND MONITOR FORUM -- SINDH ALERT & IN TOUCH -- Dr. Mazhar Lakho SINDH 2000 -- Mr. Iqbal Tareen Dr. YASMEEN MEMORIAL TRAUMA CENTER -- Dr. M.M. Vakassi MOHENJO JO DARO FILM -- Mr. R. Baluch NATECS -- Mr. Roshan Shaikh Guest Speakers: - PPP assembly representative from SIND - Mr. Rashdhi Conclusion: Most of the speakers gave us insight of their own respective projects, I was impressed by SINDH 2000's goals and objectives. I wish to get out our land from SINDH held hostage... etc.... (I was in and out most of the time) There were Q & A from guest speakers, they were pro PPP and pro government obviously. There was a good question asked from Mr. Unar (Dr from LMC. -- JS party), about his name published in wrong people list in London newspaper. Its my personal view, that, we all should support J.S. party, because their goals are far more helping than any other party for SINDHI people and for SINDH itself. Nothing wrong with PPP, but they should straight their nose towards SINDH people, where they start their inception.

Then there was Annual Dinner & Achievement awards. Finally there was a big musical show by Ms. Abida Parveen _ I really enjoyed the spiritual music show, almost all people were involved in clapping, dancing, it was spectacular show with spark. - As I saw the happiness, and involvement in spiritual music, I wonder if we all carry this enthusiasm for each stage of our life to full fill our goals and get more juicy result by accomplishment by hard work, we can easily achieve our SINDH 2000's goals. If I miss any event or did any mistake, or wrong segment mentioned which never happen, please correct me if I am wrong, or add any thing with your respective comments, or what you saw. As I mentioned before, I was in and out from most of the events, so I don't have whole saga picture. Again, this is my own views, nothing to do with SANA's views or any body else.

By: Kosher Ahmed
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Annual Convention 1990

SANA Convention (July 1-4, 1990 – Washington DC)
The historic sixth General Body meeting of SANA was held in Washington DC with many speakers, panelists, and other advocacy activities for the protection of Sindhi rights. Jiji Zarina Baloch awakened Sindhi audience with her rendering of nationalist and revolutionary songs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Shaikh Ayaz. The Local Oragazing Committee consisted of Dr. Badar Shaikh as Chair, Sarfraz Memon, Aleem Brohi, and Abdul Nabi Memon. Dr. A. W. Bhatti arranged the of Congressman Obey to address a session of the SANA meeting. Seven Student Awards were given to those Sindhi students in North America, who had achieved a grade point average of 3.5 and SAT score of 1350. A distinction award called the “Scientist Award” was given to a Sindhi lecturer in Pakistan. Various delegates visited a Congressman, US State Department, and Asia Watch Human Rights group. Dr. Aftab Kazi and Dr. Askar Qalbani organized these meetings.

The reports presented at the convention highlighted the following achievements:

  • Mr. Anwar Shaikh, Legal Advisor of SANA informed that SANA was incorporated as a “Not for Profit” organization in the State of New York.
  • SANA West Coast chapter published an impressive newsletter titled INDUS. The editorial Board comprised of Irshad Kazi, Sani Panhwar, Saleem Ursani, and Ashraf Memon
  • Aftab Kazi and Dr. Naranjan Dudani represented SANA at 25th Silver Jubilee meeting of Sindhi Association of Metropolitan Chicago. Aftab Kazi made a comprehensive presentation on historic ties between Sindhis in Sindh and Sindhi Diaspora and suggested venues for interactions between the two Sindhi communities. The meeting was dubbed as the initiation of interaction between Sindh-based and Hind-based Sindhis since the Sindhi Diaspora began after August 1947.
  • The convention also discussed the possibility of holding a world Sindhi convention of all Sindhis irrespective of their religious orientation.
  • The President of SANA reported that from its inception to now, SANA Executive Council conducted annual surveys soliciting detailed input from members on how SANA could do better to improve the organization and meet the expectation of membership. He also described the process the Executive Council decision-making process. The process consisted of discussing all matters, taking formal votes, documented all its decisions on a form called Vote/Voice Communication Form (VCF) and the distribution of VCFs to its members.
  • The results of the December 1990 survey were discussed at the convention. The survey was sent to 260 paid members was responded by 50 members (19.2%). Throughout these years, three SANA programs secured the highest ratings: SANA General Body meetings, SANA Newsletter “SANGAT”, and SANA Membership Directories. The surveys also showed a strong support other SANA supported publications such as SINDH MONITOR, SANGAT WORLD, SANEH, and Sindh Journal of Asian and African Affairs. Other programs such as Video History of Sindh, Sindhi Language Instructor Video also received considerable support. As SANA members had diverse views on political matters and religious matters. SANA always kept away from supporting any political party or engaging in activities that could be misconstrued as favoring one religion over another or one political party over other. The membership clearly told SANA Executive Council to solely focus on Sindh and Sindhis and not get carried way with Pakistani or Indian politics as it could be dividing for the SANA community.
  • SANA provided a loan of $ 1,500 to a Sindhi student who was short on funds for paying tuition fees.
  • SANA also initiated projects in response to requests to provide computer equipment to the Institute of Sindhology, Mehran Engineering College (Nawabshah) and Mehran Educational Foundation,
  • In order to focus SANA on Sindhi Rights, SANA EC approved a proposal by Iqbal Tareen to start an English publication “Sindh Monitor” to present Sindh’s point of view.
  • It was reported that SANA had successfully collaborated in the formation of Australian Sindhi Association (ASA) in December 1989. A briefing was held on the ASA’s project for filming a documentary “Blood of the Indus”. Both SANA and ASA proposed to organize a moot of all Sindhi associations’ overseas and to work form a federation of all Sindhi associations.
  • The first organized demonstration sponsored by SANA took place on March 25, 1990 in New York against the ant-Sindhi programs of Asian TV for their anti-Sindhi and pro-MQM reporting of ethnic disturbances in Karachi and Hyderabad.
  • It was not only SANA Executive Council that was active in promoting Sindhi interests but also individual SANA members took many initiatives on their own. These included letter writing campaign by Mr. Rafik Mughal to various embassies and the President of the USA. The publication of Newswatch by Dr Mithal Vakassi, Kauser Bhutto, and Manzoor Shah informed world about the plight of Sindhis.

A report on SANA’s financial condition highlighted the following achievements;

Net Assets $14,152(1990) $ 13,489 (1989) $ 4,705 (1988)

Total Income $17,210 (1990) $ 21,415 (1989) $8,669 (1988)

Total Expenses $ 16,543 (1990) $12,661 (1989) $ 7,903 (1988)

Annual Convention 1989

SANA Convention (July 1-4, 1989 - St. Louis, Missouri)
The 1989 SANA General Body Meeting was held in St. Louis, Missouri on July 1-4 and (Coordinators: Mahmood Qalbani). According to editorial in the October 1989 issue of SANGAT, “The St. Louis meeting was successful in many ways, but the most profound manner in which our womenfolk participated was really the highlight of the meeting”. The editorial went on to caution that “As SANA has gained respect and stature, there are individuals who wish to either gain control of it or use if for self-grandizement”. In a column in the same issue of SANGAT, Dr. Feroz Ahmed wrote “Amidst a festive atmosphere, enlivened by Abida Parveen and joyous performance by the local amateur artists, the pain and agony of Sindh was clearly heard through many speeches, interventions, questions, and answers”. More than $ 25,000 was pledged at the moot. Dr. Amanullah pledged $ 4,000, followed by twelve $ 1,000 pledges, six $ 500 pledges, and thirty-two other donations from $ 300 to $ 50.

The new SANA Executive Coucil elected in December 1988 was introduced at the convention. It comprised of Khalid Hashmani (President), Naranjan Dudani (Senior Vice President), Mahmood Qalbani (Vice President North America), Aftab Kazi (Vice President Overseas), Javaid Laghari (General Secretary), Aijaz Turk (Joint Secretary), Razzak Memon (Information Secretary), Israr Ansari (Treasurer), Badar Shaikh (Regional Secretary – East), Shabbir Shaikh (Regional Secretary – Mid-West), and Adam Laghari (Regional Secretary – West).

Mr. Anwar Memon and Mr. Iqbal Tareen graciously accepted to become members of the SANA Advisory Committee. A publication committee consisting of Dr. Feroz Ahmed, Dr. Altaf Memon, and Dr. Razzak Memon was formed and entrusted the responsibility to bring a new revamped SANGAT to become an effective voice of Sindhis in the USA and abroad. The committee appealed North American Sindhis to sponsor upcoming issues with financial pledges.

Details on the emergency meeting in St. Louis to consider the situation created by violent attacks against Sindhis in Karachi and Hyderabad were shared at the Convention. Mithal Vakassi hosted the meeting. Hafeez Pirzado and Dr. Suleman Shaikh also attended the meeting from Sindh. The moot pledged $ 20,000 for purchase of two ambulances to help Sindhi victims who were not receiving help from Eidhi Foundation in Karachi. In addition, Dr. Askar Qalbani announced annual donation of $ 3,600 for 110 freeships in the Roshan Tara schools to help Sindhi poor students Further, 14 SANA members pledged 14 SANA life memberships each at $ 1,000.

The office bearers of Sindhi Medical Association Of North America (SMNA) also spoke at the convention. Although, SMNA with its own Executive Council largely operated independent of SANA, its contributions and help to Sindhi causes were quite important. Its leadership consisting of Dr. Mithal Vakassi, Dr. Rafaat Ansari, Dr. Aijaz Turk, and Dr. Mahmood Qalbani initiated many important projects. These projects included initiating work on making of a video on the history of Sindh and other to provide VCRs, Televisions, and educational tapes to 12 schools in Sindh.

The Executive Council members presented their reports. These reports many highlights such as publication of a magazine from Sindh called SANGAT WORLD. Dr. Altaf Memon and Adam Laghari edited the SANGAT WORLD and its Editorial Board consisted of Mehtab Mahboob, Hafiz Qureshi, and Imran Laghari. It had representatives in Middle East, and India.


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